Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI by Igor Babailov, Vatican Splendors -
~ Vatican Splendors ~
he power of the precious objects in this exhibition brings us all into direct contact with the history and splendor of the Vatican. Our collective appreciation of the beauty we experience encourages and promotes a sense of unity between us. The history we share as we reflect on these objects and the stories they tell is the history of our common humanity…”   
Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI, by Igor Babailov
~   Monsignor Roberto Zagnoli                 Curator, Vatican City
Photography by Chuck Austin 2, Pittsburgh PA  Tel: (412) 322-7468
Igor Babailov Among the Masters at Vatican Splendors
Vatican Splendors Catalogue
"The Vatican Splendors exhibition includes almost 200 works of art. It brings together some of the Vatican's most precious artistic masterpieces, historical documents, and sacred objects from the world's cultural and religious heritage."
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Exhibition of Masterpieces from the Vatican Collection
From left to right:   Mark Greenberg,  artist Igor Babailov, Vatican Curator Monsignor Roberto Zagnoli
 Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI by Igor Babailov, Audience, photo, Vatican
Igor Babailov's Vatican Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI was selected by the Pope for the Vatican Splendors museum tour and exhibited alongside the works of Michelangelo, Bernini, Giotto, Guercino, Vasari and other Masters of the Renaissance.
Sacred Art by Igor Babailov
( from the Exhibition's Catalogue )