Vatican Splendors - Michelangelo
Vatican Splendors - Camuccini, Raffaele Capo, Carlo Morelli, etc.
Vatican Splendors
Vatican Splendors - Michelangelo, Pieta
Vatican Splendors - Giorgio Vasari, Viviano Codazzi, etc.
Vatican Splendors
Vatican Splendors - Il Sassoferrato
Vatican Splendors - Biernini
Vatican Splendors - Michelangelo's Caliper, Document signed by Michelangelo, paintings by Giacomo Zoboli.
Vatican Splendors - Bernini, Documents signed by Bernini, his Sword, Etchings by Carlo Fontana, etc
Vatican Splendors - Bernini
Vatican Splendors - Guercino, Portrait of Christ with Crown of Thorns (The Veronica of Guercino)
Vatican Splendors - Giotto
Vatican Splendors
Vatican Splendors - Guercino, Cavalier Tempesta, School of Giuseppe Ghezzi
Vatican Splendors Catalogue, Igor Babailov, Vatican Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican Splendors, Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI by Igor Babailov
Excerpts from the CATALOGUE
Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI
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"The Vatican Splendors exhibition includes almost 200 works of art. It brings together some of the Vatican's most precious artistic masterpieces, historical documents, and sacred objects from the world's cultural and religious heritage."
Domenico Guidi
   he power of the precious objects in this exhibition brings us all into direct contact with the history and splendor of the Vatican. Our collective appreciation of the beauty we experience encourages and promotes a sense of unity between us. The history we share as we reflect on these objects and the stories they tell is the history of our common humanity…
Il Sassoferrato
Vincenzo Camuccini
Cavalier Tempesta
(from the exhibition's catalogue)
Vatican Splendors Catalogue - Igor Babailov, Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican Splendors - Domenico Guidi, F. Matteini, C. Guidi.
Carlo Fontana
~ Vatican Splendors ~
A Journey through Faith and Art
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Faldstool of Pope Pius IX, Papal Throne of Pope Pius XI; Chalice, Paten and Ciborium of Pope John Paul II
Vatican Splendors
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~ Monsignor Roberto Zagnoli
    Curator, Vatican City