"The Kinks"
Charcoal on Canvas, 40"x 30"
Life Portrait by Igor Babailov, 1994

Peter Quaife  (1943 - 2010)
Portrait of Peter Quaife, by Igor Babailov
Great Talent,
   Extraordinary Person,
True Friend -
  We will Miss You!
I’ve met Peter Quaife in the winter of 1992, when he called my studio after seeing one of my paintings in an art gallery, he simply wanted to meet and talk. Ever since then we became close friends. Besides being a musician, he was a talented visual artist and was passionate about astronomy, as well as remedies of home cooking. Former bassist of the famous British rock group The KINKS, despite his fame was very much 'down to earth'. He had a rich sense of humor, loved life, was always an optimist and most of all he was a very giving person.
He loved dogs. One of his last photographs he sent to me. Denmark, 2009.

Peter Quaife passed away on June 23, 2010.
Peter Quaife, photo, Denmark, 2009
Pete (far right) was the initiator of the incredible Birthday Surprise, when a group of friends brought my family over from Russia to visit  for my birthday.
Peter Quaife, initiator of the Birthday Surprise for Igor Babailov, 1995
Pete Quaife and Valery Babailov
Pete Quaife and Nikita Babailov, flying a kite
Peter and my father Valery Babailov, 1995.
Peter and my son Nikita Babailov,
flying a kite
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~  Igor Babailov
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I'm honored that my portrait of Pete Quaife was included on the cover of his recently published book VERITAS I.
Veritas I, book by Peter Quaife
~  Igor Babailov

Veritas, by Peter Quaife
Pete Quaife, Veritas, portrait by Igor Babailov
Pete Quaife, Veritas