Государственная Награда "Заслуженный Деятель Искусств Удмуртской Республики", вручена Президентом Волковым А.А.  30 мая 2012 г.
State Award and Title "Honored Artist of Udmurt Republic."
Awarded to Igor Babailov  by President of Udmurtia, Volkov A.A.
Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia. May 30, 2012
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State Award - Title "Honored Artist of Udmurt Republic"."Заслуженный Деятель Искусств Удмуртской Республики", Игорь Бабайлов, Igor Babailov
Photography: Government of Udmurt Republic
Alexander Volkov, President of Udmurtia
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NOTE:  Udmurtia  is a Republic in the Russian Federation (equivalent of a 'State' in the U.S.)  and is a birthplace of Igor V. Babailov.