Columbus Painting, Arrival of Columbus in the Americas, For Gold, God and Glory - Portrait of Columbus, by Igor Babailov
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"For God, Gold and Glory" (Oil on Canvas, 
70"x79") is the artist’s own rendition of the arrival of 
Christopher Columbus and his crew in the Americas.

There were only several portraits of Columbus painted in the History of Art and they all looked like portraits of different people because nobody knew exactly what Columbus looked like. Igor Babailov created “his own” Columbus and based his depiction of features on the biographical description written by Columbus’s son.

Mr. Babailov used no models, but set up a mirror with one source of light and used his own image to create expressions and hand positions for subjects in the painting.

Since the Historic Paintings require accuracy, the preparation for this painting also involved a library research including investigation into the clothing and the fashion of that period.
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"For God, Gold and Glory." 
Arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.
The Story
( Oil on Canvas, 70" x 79" )
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I portrayed Christopher Columbus to honor all those who came to this continent to make it their home.
~  Igor V. Babailov