43rd President of the United States of America, Hon. George W. Bush
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Official Portrait of President George W. Bush - portrait by Igor Babailov
United States of America 
United Kingdom of 
Great  Britain and
Northern Ireland  
French Republic 
European Union 
Russian Federation 
Original Portrait Composition.   Copyright  ©  Igor V. Babailov
Original Portrait Concept & Composition,   Copyright  © Igor V. Babailov
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This historic portrait of President George W. Bush was commissioned to Igor Babailov on the 
Occasion and on behalf of the Leaders of the G8-Summit 2002, officially presented to 
President Bush by  Prime Minister Jean Chretien   in June, 2002.
George W. Bush - official White House photograph, after the portrait by Igor Babailov
G8 Summit Members, 2002
Republic of Italy
30"x30" (76 cm x 76 cm), Oil on Canvas
Collection:  George W. Bush Presidential Library, Dallas, TX
Inspired by Igor Babailov's original portrait concept, this great official White House photograph was taken two months later, in August 2002.
Photo by Sergey Karpukhin
The G8 Leaders, June 2002
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