Greatest Portrait Moments   (published 2012) 
Hardcover, 170 pages

Igor V. Babailov

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Greatest Portrait Moments - Igor Babailov, New Art Book
Igor Babailov shares in this new book his up front and
close experiences of meeting and painting some of the
greatest people of our time.
by Igor Babailov

Hardcover, 170 pages
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Autographed by the Artist with the personal dedication
Igor Babailov Book, Greatest Portrait Moments - Igor Babailov, Nelson Mandela, New Art Book
Hon. Joseph P. Sullivan, Justice, Supreme Court
Amb. Michael Novak
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"An impressive array of subjects and deft paint handling.” 
                                                          ~ Dr. James H. Billington, The Librarian of Congress

“Most of us at the age of FOUR can not even spell ‘portrait’, and he already painted one.”
                                    ~ Joan Lewis EWTN NEWS, Vatican Bureau Chief

"His talent and ability to capture the likeness of his subjects so precisely, is truly inspirational to us all."
                                            ~ Isadore Sharp, Founder and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

"Marvelous portraits!"
                                  ~ Dr. Henry Kissinger

"The Michelangelo of today!"
                                        ~ Frank Military, Legendary Music Publisher for Frank Sinatra, and others.
Life Portrait of  Nelson Mandela  in the book
"Greatest Portrait Moments", featuring Igor Babailov's 80-plus portrait encounters with some of the greatest people of our time.
General David Petraeus, US Military Commander and frmr CIA Director
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Igor Babailov on Facebook
Football star Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber and Artist Igor Babailov
Pope Benedict XVI
Prince Andrew The Duke of York
Pope Benedict XVI, artist Igor Babailov
Gen. Petraeus, artist Igor Babailov, General Petraeus