Mother's Love
Michael Novak
Sacred Art
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The Canonized
Royal Family of Russia
Pope Benedict XVI
Saint John Paul II
Patriarch Kirill
For God, Gold and Glory
The Three Lights
Resurrection of Realism
Pope Benedict XVI
Life Sketch
Pope Francis
Life Sketch
My Beloved Country! ~
George Washington
Archimardrite Grigorie Uritescu, Romania
To Hope and Believe...Now
Journey of Hope
Pope Francis
Life Sketch
A Little Girl
Father Andrey
An Italian Girl
Old Montreal
Kolomna, Rainy day
The Church Entrance
St. Joseph's Oratory
Mother's Love
Michael Novak
Karen Novak
Thomas Monaghan
Fr. Robert Garrity
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Metropolitan Hilarion
Palazzo Vecchio,
Cardinal Egan speaks
San Tommaso da Villanova,
Castel Gandolfo, Vatican
Donskoy Monastery
The Vatican Wall
In The Sistine Chapel
Fontana del Nettuno, Florence
St. Paul, Vatican
The Vatican Gates
To Hope and Believe...Now
The Spanish Steps, Rome
Apostolic Palace, Vatican
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Igor V. Babailov
Murdered by Bolsheviks in 1918
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Santa Croce
Afternoon, Russia
The Heights
Metropolitan Hilarion, portrait by Igor Babailov
Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, painting by Igor Babailov
Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land
Franciscan Monastery, Father Larry, by Igor Babailov
Sacred Heart, by Igor Babailov
St. Bernadette, by Igor Babailov
Father Larry
Sacred Heart
St. Bernadette
Pope Francis Portrait Unveiling, by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Pope Francis
Official Portrait of Pope Francis - Vatican, by Igor Babailov
Pope Francis
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