Eugene StonerAmerican Inventor of  M-16 and Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian Inventor of  AK-47 
With Mikhail Kalashnikov - Inventor of the automatic machine gun AK-47, 
and the life-time member of the American National Rifle Association 
With Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 
Nelson Mandela
With His Excellency V.V. Putin, 
the President of Russia
Presidential Collection, Kremlin
With His Holiness Pope John Paul II
At the unveiling of Regis Philbin's portrait. 
From left to right: 
Mr.&Mrs. I.Babailov, Dr. S.Ferrera, Tommy Lasorda, Regis Philbin and Joe DiMaggio's orthopaedic physician Dr. Rock Positano
The hockey legend "Golden Jet" Bobby Hull with his portrait
With Frank Military, 
Songwriters Hall of Fame, past President of the Warner Chappel Music, Inc. 
and the life-time colleague and friend of Frank Sinatra
After the State Portrait Presentation to the hockey legend Vladislav Tretiak
With The Hon. P. Michael Pitfield, Senator 
Harvard University unveiling of the portrait of 
Dr. Robert Kimura- Leading U.S.  researcher of the Inner Ear
Irina A. Pushkin, 
the fifth generation grand-daughter 
of famous poet Alexander Pushkin.
Alexander Rosenbaum - Russian celebrity songwriter and singer with his life portrait drawing, by Igor Babailov
What you need to know when Commissioning a Portrait
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What you need to know when Commissioning a Portrait
What you need to know when Commissioning a Portrait
New York Magazine, Igor Babailov
Primo, Italian-American Magazine, USA
Book, The World of Igor Babailov, by V. Zakharov
Classical Realism Journal, Igor Babailov
The Artist's Magazine
Academic Exhitbition Art Catalog, Scotland
The Artist's Magazine, Igor Babailov
Official Portrait of Pope John Paul II, Igor Babailov
Official Portrait of Pope John Paul II, by Igor Babailov
Official Commemorative Portrait Sketch of Nelson Mandela, by Igor Babailov
Unveiliong of the portrait of Regis Philbin, by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Senator Michael Pitfield
Portrait of Dr. Robert Kimura, by Igor Babailov, Harvard University
Portrait of Bobby Hull, by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Frank Military, by Igor Babailov
Igor Babailov and Mikhail Kalashnikov - Inventor AK-47 and Life-time Member of the National Rifle Association
Kalashnikov, Stoner, Babailov
Portrait of Vladislav Tretiak, Hockey Hall of Fame
Portrait of Irina Pushkin - descendant of famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Russian celebrity singer Alexander Rosenbaum, by Igor Babailov
Igor Babailov teaching at Florence Academy
While teaching at the Florence Academy.  With Daniel Graves, director of the Academy, and other instructors of the Academy.   Florence, Italy, summer 1999. 
Igor Babailov organized and lead the First official delegation of American artists to Russia
Portrait of Jules Plangere, Jr. - Publisher, New Jersey, by Igor Babailov
One of Solo Exhibitions of Igor Babailov's works
In 1996 Mr.Babailov organized the very First Official delegation of the American artists to visit Russia, in conjunction with the Russian Parliament (Duma) and the Union of Artists 
of the Russian Federation. 
The unveiling of the portrait of Mr.J.Plangere, 
former partner of "USA Today".
New Jersey
One of many Solo Exhibitions. This one       consisted of almost 40 paintings.
Portrait of Julia Bianchi, by Igor Babailov
Portrait Artist Igor Babailov meets with Lawrence D. Glaubinger, New York
With Mrs. J. Bianchi, Fisher Island, Florida
With Mr. Lawrence D. Glaubinger, CEO, Stern & Stern, New York, New York.
At the time of portrait sittings.
With clients and friends Mr.& Mrs. A. Lemire  in St.Petersburg, Russia. 
Second to the left is Rosa Babailova, the artist's Mother.
With family. From left to right: Vladislav  (brother), Rosa Babailova (mother), 
Valery Babailov (father). 
Over 50 friends participated in organizing the surprise Visit of Igor's family from Russia for his 30th birthday.
The moment of the surprise meeting. On the far right is Peter Quaife, Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, the "KINKS", friend and the initiator of the Birthday Surprise.
Igor Babailov with artist Marshal Bouldin III
Artists Igor Babailov, T. Watkins and R. Whitney
With friends at Plein Air painting. From left to right:
Tony Watkins, Igor Babailov, Richard Whitney 
in New England.
With Marshal Bouldin III, a fine artist and a kind man
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Portrait of Michel Perron, by Igor Babailov
Mr. M. Perron, CEO, Somiper Inc.
With the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney18th Prime Minister of Canada
Parliamentary Collection: 
House of Commons 
Official Portrait of Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney, by Igor Babailov
Igor Babailov with classmates, Tretiakov Gallery, 1979
Igor Babailov (second on the right) with his classmates from the Surikov College, located only feet awat from the world-famous State Tretyakov Gallery (in the background), which harbors the masterpieces of the greatest Russian Masters in the history of art, such us Rublev, Briullov, Aivazovskiy, Savrasov, Kramskoy, Repin, Serov, Levitan and many others. 
Igor Babailv and clients in New Hampshire
This New Hampshire couple saw the artist at work at Plein Air painting and purchased this oil of the local river right on the spot, before even it was completed.
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Unveiling of the portrait of Frederick Hart, foremost American Sculptor
at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Russian Nobility Association, Catalog
With actor James Gandolfini 
( The "Sopranos" TV Show )
New York, NY
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Peruvian Encyclopedia
Portrait of actor James Gandolfini, by Igor Babailov
James Gandolfini portrait
Kalashnikov portrait
Portrait of Regis Philbin, by Igor Babailov. Featured on Regis and Kelly Show.
With Nobel Prize Laureate, discoverer of DNA Dr. James Watson (right),  and the brilliant pianist Byron Janis (center) at the unveiling of Janis's portrait, Steinway Hall, New York City
Igor Babailov, Byron Janis and Dr. James Watson, discoverer of DNA
 Holding each other inventions
M-16  and   AK-47.
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Igor Babailov, Boomer Esiason and John Bello
With Boomer Esiason (right), football commentator and NFL legend and John Bello (left), Chairman, The Original SoupMan - ® 
and Founder of SoBe beverage 
"Believe", portrait of Pope John Paul II in the Vatican Collection, in Castel Gandolfo
Official Portrait of President and Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, by Igor Babailov
With His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
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Unveiling of the Portrait of Rudolph W. Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City.The attendees included Dr. Henry Kissinger ( left ).    Collection: Giuliani Partners, NYC
Portrait of Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City, by Igor Babailov
Rudy Giuliani and Igor Babailov
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World Celebrities' Exhibition in Tokyo, Catalog
Portrait of Fred "Ted" Lazenby - Kennedy Center's Advisory Board for the Arts, appointed by President G.W. Bush, portrait by Igor Babailov
Mr. Ted Lazenby, appointed by President G.W. Bush 
to the Advisory Board on the Arts, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
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Portrait of Bob Costas, by Igor Babailov
Bob Costas
17-time Emmy Award-Winning Sports Broadcaster
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Portrait of Frederick Hart, by Igor Babailov
Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Ford and the American Dream - Founded On Right Decisions'
Co-authors: Clifton.Lambreth, Mary Calia, Melissa Webb
Artist: Igor Babailov
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Portrait Artist Igor Babailov and Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien
The Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien
20th Prime Minister of Canada - 
Portrait sitting 
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Portrait of Tiki Barber, by Igor Babailov
Tiki Barber, American Football Star 
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Official portrait of Justice Joseph P. Sullivan, Supreme Court of New York, by Igor Babailov
With Justice Joseph P. Sullivan and Mr. Roy Reardon
at the portrait unveiling, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York City. 
Please click on photo to see the Portrait Unveiling
Art Catalog, The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Reggie Jackson, American Baseball Legend
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Portrait of Tom Monaghan - Founder "Domino's" Pizza, Founder Ave Maria University
Portrait of Tom Monaghan -"Domino's" Pizza, Igor Babailov
With Tom Monaghan, Founder of Domino's Pizza and 
Founder and Chancellor of Ave Maria University
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Portrait of Michael Novak - American Enterprise Institute, by Igor Babailov
Portrait of Reggie Jackson, by Igor Babailov
Unveiling of the Portrait of Michael Novak - 
Frederick Jewett Scholar - the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC 
Author, Theologian, The Templeton Prize winner, Twice US Ambassador to Europe and the United Nations. 

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Igor Babailov with Patriarch of All Russia, Kirill
 Igor Babailov with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill 
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
New Portrait of George Washington, by Igor Babailov
New Portrait of George Washington is officially inducted into Collection of G. Washington's Mount Vernon Museum in Mount Vernon, VA
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Contemporary Russian Realism
International artist Magazine, Igor Babailov
Selecta, USA
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HRH Prince Andrew
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Portrait of General David H. Petraeus, by Igor Babailov
With General David H. Petraeus,
United States Central Command
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Fr. Groeschel and Igor Babailov
With Fr. Benedict Groeschel
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Igor Babailov's Vatican Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI selected by the Pope to exhibit in the Vatican Splendors international museum tour, alongside the works of Michelangelo, Bernini, Giotto and 
other Masters of the Renaissance.
Illustrated by Igor Babailov Return to Greatness book, on the billboard at Times Square in New York City
Illustrated by Igor Babailov, 
book "Return to Greatness - Driving the American Dream" 
is on the Billboard at Time Square in New York City
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Igor Babailov - Presentation at the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia 
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"The Finer Things in Life" Magazine -  Florida, The Caribbean, etc.
Brendan Marrocco, portrait by Igor Babailov
American Hero Brendan Marrocco, and family. 
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in the United States
Vatican Splendors Catalogue
The Return to Greatness - Driving the American Dream, by Mary Calia
Nashville Arts Magazine
Official Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI, by Igor Babailov
Selected Photos.
Selected Publications
Honorary Academician
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Vatican Splendors - Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI, by Igor Babailov
Master of Ascending Realism
Commissioned Portrait Artist
Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts (est.1757)
Igor Babailov, Honorary Academician, Russian Academy of Arts
Igor Babailov, Portrait of Patriarch of All Russia, Kirill
Pope Francis
Igor Babailov on Facebook
Portrait of HRH Prince Andrew The Duke of York, by Igor Babailov, Hon. RAA
Portrait of His Royal Highness Prince Andrew The Duke of York 
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Igor Babailov - Senate Recognition
Official State Recognition by the TN State and Governor
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Senate recognition
Igor Babailov - Senate Recognition
Pope Francis portrait
Pope Francis portrait, Official Portrait Unveiling
With His Holiness Pope Francis
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Order of St. Anne
Igor Babailov, on the Billboard in Times Square
On the Billboard in Times Square,
New York City
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