"Believe", Portrait of Pope John Paul II, multi-figurative depiction in the legacy of Pope John Paul II, by Igor Babailov
Christopher Columbus Portrait, painting "For Gold, God and Glory" by Igor Babailov
Artist Igor Babailov at work on the mural painting
Multi-figurative large scale compositions have been recognized by the generations of artists to be the Highest achievement of the Artistic Expertise. 
"Modern day artists often place themselves into separate categories of Portrait artists, Landscape artists, Still-life artists or any other kind of artists. The Masters of the past, those who painted everything, called themselves the Artists, with the capital "A". They loved to face the challenges, especially those of the complexity of multi-figurative compositions, where you can truly explore yourself and test  your knowledge and the Artistic Skill, acquired by the Academic education" 
                                                                                                       ~ Igor V. Babailov, Hon. RAA, KStA
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"For Gold, God and Glory" 
                ( Oil on Canvas, 70" x 79")              
               Portrait of Pope John Paul II  
                              Oil on Canvas
"Who has to suffer... and Why?" 
Dedicated to all innocent victims of 
the world terrorism.
Work in progress
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* According to scientific research, it takes 450 years for oil paint 
to dry completely.  ( I.B. )
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"My Grandmother Told Me... 1937" (Stalin's Repressions), by Igor Babailov
"My Grandmother Told Me... 1937"
                      Oil on Canvas, 8 feet x 5 feet
Dedicated to the Millions of Russian citizens,  killed at the time of Stalin’s repressions. The artist's Grandfather was one of them. 
Credo, Sacred Art by Igor Babailov, Mural Paintings by Igor Babailov
(Oil on Canvas, 7 feet  X  5 feet)

Privately Commissioned by multiple families to immortalize their children / grandchildren in the company of 
Saint John Paul II and Mother Teresa. 
Original Concept, Design & Composition Copyright  ©  Igor V. Babailov