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Corporate Portraiture
Family Portraits in Oil, by Igor Babailov
Synergistics Industries Ltd. - Corporate Portraits by Igor Babailov
Tom Monaghan
Founder of Domino's Pizza,
owner of Detroit Tigers (1983-92)
and Founder of Ave Maria University
in Florida.
Stan Bea, Monmouth, New Jersey, by Igor Babailov
Head & Shoulders Size
(approx. 20"x16" or 24"x 20")
Half Length Size
(with at least one hand)
(approx. 28"x 22")
Deborah Trudeau - Trudeau Corporation,  by Igor Babailov
Isadore Sharp, Official portrait, Founder & CEO, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, by Igor Babailov
Three-Quarter Length
(with hands)
(approx. 40"x 30")
Full Length Size
(approx. 48"x30" and up)
Dr. Rebecca Stafford, University President, by Igor Babailov
Drawings, by Igor Babailov
 Michel Perron, Somiper Inc., Montreal, Canada, by Igor Babailov
GROUP Portrait
size approx. 25"x20" (for two heads), and up.
Crimmins sisters,  Pittsburgh, PA - Portraits of Children by Igor Babailov
Synergistics industries Limited, Toronto, by Igor Babailov
Examples of Portrait Sizes :
Lisa Wood, St.Simon's Island, GA, by Igor Babailov
Dr. Robert Kimura, Boston Eye and Ear Hospital
Stan Dunford, Contrans Corporation, by Igor Babailov
Dr. Wayne Streilein, Harvard University Medical School, by Igor Babailov
Isabel Owen, Charlotte, NC, by Igor Babailov
Official Portrait of the Honorable Joseph P. Sullivan, Justice of the Supleme Court of the State of New York,  by Igor Babailov
Thomas Monaghan, Founder of Domino's Pizza - Corporate Portraits by Igor Babailov
Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
Mary Helen
Pope Benedict XVI
Portrait of Brian Mulroney - Official Portraits by Igor Babailov
    or a successful portrait painting,
especially when photographic references may be used, it is VITAL for an artist to have the enriched experience and ability to work from
life. Such experience enables the artist to portray likeness with the most natural and life-like appearance which truly immortalizes the person, and creates the portrait far beyond its photographic references.
Established Portrait Painting Procedure
Mr. Babailov travels extensively to the schedule and convenience of his portrait client’s location and caters to a distinguished professional clientele, in the United States, Canada and around the world.   
Igor Babailov's life-time experience in portrait painting allows him to work comfortably from life or from photographs.  When working strictly from photos is necessary, in the instances when clients have busy schedules or with children for whom it is difficult to sit for extended periods, or for posthumous portraits and those commissioned as a surprise, Mr. Babailov applies his invaluable knowledge of painting from life, acquired through his experience and unsurpassed formal academic fine art education (1974-1990). 

The initial meeting with the client usually takes two and a half hours and is scheduled at the artist’s studio or the client’s location.  At this initial meeting, the overall idea, size and the wall location where the portrait will be displayed are discussed.  If necessary, Babailov will take 100-200 photographic references of the subject, to be used in the creation of the portrait.
Igor Babailov's Fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars and available upon request at Info@Babailov.com
Prices are determined by the portrait size, number of people and medium used.
Available traditional portrait mediums are:   Oil on Canvas /LinenCharcoal /Sepia /Graphite   and  Pastel.
Igor Babailov's unsurpassed formal academic training and vast experience allow him to complete a finely detailed drawing from LIFE within only 30 minutes. At the same time, clients have the opportunity to see the artist in 'action' and his skill in capturing a full of character life-likeness, right on the spot, within a brief period of time, with only a black & white pencil. After all, "if one can draw, one can always paint", said royal portrait painter Pietro Annigoni.
After the initial meeting, Mr. Babailov provides the client with several compositional studies, to determine the best compositional setting of the figure in the background, most suitable for the portrait.  Once the decision on the choice of composition is made, the artist professionally prepares the appropriate weight museum quality canvas to start working on the actual portrait painting.
During the portrait sitting, Igor Babailov will do his UNIQUE life drawing sketches, entirely from LIFE regardless of the sitter's age. In these LIFE sketches, the artist assumes the challenge of the monochromatic drawing method, which, unlike a color painting study, requires 100% accuracy in tonal values and proportions and does not forgive mistakes in likeness. They say: "if one can draw, one can always paint", this is why such drawing studies of character and personality, all of course, from LIFE, have been recognized by generations of Portrait Masters, as the VITAL STEP in the preparation for a portrait painting, and the greatest opportunity any artist may wish for in order to sense the character and personality in direct communication with the person ( please see What You Need To Know When Commissioning A Portrait Painting ).
Portrait of Lela
Marina Graham - Portraits of Children by Igor Babailov
Mary, Pastel Portrait by Igor Babailov
Drawing by Igor Babailov
The Igor Babailov Unique Sketches from Life
Life Study of Character & Personality.
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~ Igor Babailov, MFA, Hon. RAA
Asian Beauty, Amy Marleau, Montreal, Portraits by Igor Babailov
Family portrait of Lynda and Jack Stone - Puffy Muffin, Brentwood, TN - by Igor Babailov

Portrait Procedure & Fees
Igor Babailov, Hon. RAA is one of the very few artists today whose Portrait Painting Procedure includes preliminary LIFE drawing sketches of impeccable likeness, character and personality, as it requires the artist's independence from the camera and ability to draw in the tradition of the Great Masters of the past, from Life in challenging 'moving' conditions, very fast, yet portraying fine details.
Corporate Unveiling
Master of Ascending Realism
Pope Benedict XVI, artist Igor Babailov
Igor Babailov on Facebook
Any photos provided by the client will be returned upon portrait completion.
A 40%-50% deposit ( the amount of deposit is determined by the size of the portrait ) is required upon the signing of the Portrait Agreement.
"If one can draw, one can always paint."