"The whole idea of copying a Master's painting, is not about our own interpretation and improvisation of that work, which is what we quite often witness today in the art museums.
The idea of copying is to study the copied Master's approach, methods and techniques, in order to apply that knowledge later in our own paintings.
As a result of these studies the Copy should look identical to the Original."
"Portrait of an Italian girl" After K.D. Flavitskiy
Kaluga Regional Fine Art Museum, Russia
Oil on Canvas
by Igor Babailov ( 3rd year, Surikov Academy )
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This is how the painting looked half way through its completion."Grisaille" (monochrome painting) was achieved by using two colors: Flake White and Raw Umber. The purpose of this method was to master the perfect tonal values before the transparent glaze colors were applied. That was also done in order to create the luminosity effect of the light "coming from within" in the light areas. 
Museum Master Copies
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Museum copy by Igor Babailov, identical master copy, Kaluga Art Museum
Museum copy by Igor Babailov, Grisaille, Kaluga Art Museum