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by Igor Babailov
from the interview of Pablo Picasso to Italian author Giovanni Papini in 1952
by Igor Babailov  ( published in the  International Artist Magazine,                               and featured on the Art Renewal Center  website)
College Art Association
by Dave Goldiner,  New York Daily News, U.S.A.
Reviving the Renaissance; A President With Leadership
Russian Portrait Painter Spearheads Artistic Revolution
by Elizabeth Lev, ZENIT, Rome, Italy
Mercator nterviews Alice Ramos, Ph.D., St. John's University,
( Igor Babailov is featured along with an American sculptor and a German composer)    
by Igor Babailov
by Catherine Cochard,  Le Temps Magazine, Switzerland
by Igor Babailov
PRIMO magazine, Italian-American magazine, U.S.A.
Master of Ascending Realism
Igor Babailov on Facebook
by Beata Falkowska,  Nasz Dziennik, Poland
Selected Articles by Igor Babailov
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